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Fun Activities to Keep Your Goldendoodle Happy and Active

Goldendoodles need daily exercise to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Walking is a good low-impact activity but be sure to go at a pace your Goldendoodle enjoys.

Playing gentle wrestling is another fun way to get them active. Goldendoodles are very smart and will usually know when they have had enough physical exercise – they may lay down, slow their movement or start panting.

Fetch Stick

Goldendoodles are active dogs who thrive on interaction and entertainment. It is important that you give them the physical and mental exercise they need to prevent boredom and behavioral issues that can stem from it. Try playing fetch, hide and seek, puzzle toys, agility, flyball, or just trotting behind you as you putter in the garden – anything to keep your pup’s mind engaged is good for them.

You can find a variety of dog toys at your local pet store and online that will encourage your goldendoodle to chase, play, chew, and interact with you. You can also set up a small obstacle course in your home or yard. Make sure the obstacles are safe and that your dog can easily traverse them.

While a wooden twig or stick can be used for fetch, it can also splinter and puncture your dog’s mouth. Consider a durable fetch toy like the West Paw Zwig, which is made of a tough yet flexible material and has a hollow center that floats on water. It is also free of any toxic compounds that are harmful to dogs.


A Kong is a rubber toy that holds food and requires your dog to lick and chew it to access the food inside. This activity helps keep dogs mentally engaged, especially when they are bored and could otherwise get into trouble by destroying things like your slippers or table legs!

You can stuff a Kong with a combination of treats and wet food to give it more challenge. Some pet parents freeze a Kong before giving it to their dog to make it even more challenging and long-lasting for their furry friend.

This activity also works well for scent detection, which is a great way to exercise your dog’s sniffer. Teach your dog to seek out a specific scent and then bring it back to you for a reward. This is a fun way to train your dog and can be done indoors or outdoors. It’s important to start teaching this trick early, so that your dog learns that returning the object to you for a reward is more rewarding than just playing with the object on its own!

Puzzle Toys

Dog puzzle toys are great for redirecting natural chewing and digging behaviours that can become destructive. Many pet stores now carry these toys, which are designed to give dogs mental and physical exercise as they search for treat rewards. These can be especially useful on days when you’re unable to play with your pup, as they’ll keep them occupied and prevent boredom from turning into destructive behavior. There are many different types of dog puzzle toys available, from simple to sophisticated. One popular option is the Nina Ottosson Outward Hound brain game, which has a variety of options including flip-top containers and beakers that must be flipped or turned in order to release the treats inside.

If your pup isn’t used to playing with puzzle toys, start by showing them how it works, and then gradually increase the difficulty level until they’re able to play it on their own. Some puppies may need to be encouraged or bribed to take up the challenge, so consider using high-value treats like soft chews or jerky in your puzzle games.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a great way to keep your goldendoodle physically active. You can create your own obstacle course using a few items around the house or buy an indoor/outdoor obstacle course set. This activity will not only keep your dog active, but it will also challenge their mental capabilities.

Obstacle courses help children develop their motor skills. Gross motor skills involve large muscle groups, while fine motor skills use smaller muscles like the hands and fingers. Each task in an obstacle course requires a child to maneuver their bodies in different ways.

For example, they might have to jump over a box or crawl through a tunnel to complete the course. They may also have to recite a poem to cross the toilet rolls, dance to the beat of a song before they jump over the coins or twirl thrice before they step over the stool.

These activities will help your goldendoodle burn off energy, stay healthy and have fun. They are just as important for your goldendoodle as physical exercise is.

Ball or Toy That Makes Noises

Goldendoodles need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy. The best way to do this is to give them frequent walks, dog agility classes, and playtime with you. They also need a wholesome diet, regular health checks with the vet, and fun and challenging toys they can chew on, manipulate and play with.

Many dogs enjoy toys that make noises like squeakers and have different shapes to play with. Some even require them to use their noses and encourage them to explore the world around them. Some pet owners have found that their dogs are more worn out playing with these toys than running around the house. Just be sure to watch your dog closely when they are using these toys as they can break them and chew on them. This could lead to intestinal blockages, so it is important to supervise their play with these types of toys.

You can try other fun activities to engage your dog, like obedience training or food puzzles. You can also take them on sniffing walks (snuffers) and get them involved in family activities that are dog-friendly, such as hiking or biking.

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