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How Do You Use an Industrial Demagnetizer?

There are several types of industrial Demagnetizers. You can use a Maurer Magnetic or a Cestriom. You can also use a Magnaflux. You will need to find a machine that is appropriate for your needs. These machines will pass the magnetism of a product and also shield the object from the demagnetizer’s magnetic fields.

Maurer Magnetic

Maurer Magnetic is an innovative company that provides industrial-demagnetizing solutions. Founded in 1923, the company is a pioneer in the technology of alternating-field demagnetization of ferromagnetic materials. It is headquartered in Groningen, Switzerland, and has a global reach. The company provides customers with the right demagnetizing solution for any application. Its products range from standardized demagnetizing coils to high-performance demagnetizing machines. In addition, Maurer Magnetic provides residual magnetism measurement devices.

The company produces a variety of high-performance demagnetizers that are optimized to achieve high-field performance. These machines are designed for automatic demagnetization and have a large capacity. They are ideal for demagnetizing heavy, strongly magnetized items. The units can also be adapted to fit your specific needs.


Cestriom’s industrial demagnetizers consist of highly powerful demagnetizing coils and optimally adapted power modules. These components are digitally controlled to ensure optimal demagnetization and offer efficient solutions for demanding applications. In addition to its standard demagnetizer models, Cestriom also offers customized solutions, which can be configured to meet the needs of specific applications.

The Demagnetizer Market report provides cutting-edge information and analysis to help the stakeholders to formulate new strategies to meet the evolving market needs. Its research methodology provides reliable sales and revenue statistics, along with company profiles, recent developments, product introductions, and regional and country analysis. It provides key insights on market dynamics and key players.

The Demagnetizer market report contains information on the major players, including their production and sales volumes. It also covers their price and gross profit margin, distribution channels, and recent developments. The Demagnetizer market report also includes a detailed analysis of the market’s competitive scenario and key drivers and challenges.

Maurer Degaussing

The Maurer Degaussing industrial demagnetized is an efficient, reliable, and repeatable demagnetization process. Its patented CFT (constant field technology) and controlled alternating-field processes make it an ideal choice for industrial demagnetization. In addition, the Maurer degaussing process is scalable and compatible with automated processes. Moreover, a modular product range allows customers to customize each element to suit their specific needs.

Modern hard disk drives use magnetic media for data storage. In addition to the magnetic media used to store data, the technology of the modern hard drive uses a special servo-controlled mechanism to control the position of the read/write head.


The Magnaflux industrial demagnetizer is a high-tech tool used for surface inspection. This test allows engineers and technicians to check for defects in the surface of ferrous materials. The equipment includes a Magnaflux Field Indicator and UT-X Powder for flaw detection. It also uses a dye that has a fluorescent base and can be seen under a black light illumination source.

Magnaflux demagnetization equipment comes in several models. The compact S-66 Demagnetization Coil is an excellent tabletop demagnetizer with an oil and water-resistant coating. This compact machine can be mounted flush or on an angle for convenient placement.


A Maurer industrial demagnetizer is a device that uses an electromagnet to reduce the magnetic field of metals and other materials. It is used in industries such as the automotive, nuclear, and pharmaceutical industries. Maurer demagnetizers are available in various types, capacities, and sizes. The global market for demagnetizers is forecast to reach USD million by 2028. The global market for demagnetizers is segmented by type, manufacturing process, and applications.

Maurer Magnetic AG, based in Groningen near Zurich, Switzerland, specializes in industrial demagnetizers and magnetic measurement instruments. Their products provide reliable, accurate magnetic field measurements. Their M-Test MK4 demagnetizing probe measures both dynamic and static magnetic fields. It is particularly useful for measuring the magnetic field of permanent magnets.

Eliminate magnetism-related issues

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