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How to Play with the German shepherd?

When playing with your German shepherd, make sure to purchase the proper toys for the breed. Toys designed for other breeds will simply crumble under the German Shepherd’s strength. Toys made specifically for large dogs are made with different materials and construction, so they will last longer and withstand the growing dog’s teeth.

Mind games

Playing mind games with your German shepherd is a great way to stimulate his mind and engage his senses. These dog games are ideal for all ages and are fun for both you and your dog. In addition, they can help you bond with your dog. You should play mind games with your dog five to 15 minutes a day, as this will allow you to get to know your dog better and foster a lifelong bond.

German shepherds are highly intelligent animals, and they can benefit from some puzzle games. Many puzzle toys come with different compartments, which your dog must open in order to receive a treat. As your dog gets better at solving the puzzle, you can increase the difficulty level.

Obedience fetch

Whether you own a German shepherd puppy or a German shepherd that is a few months old, you’ll want to learn how to play obedience fetch with your dog. To start, you’ll want to have a basket close by, ready for your dog to retrieve. Begin by asking your dog to drop the toy in the basket. As soon as the dog does so, reward it with a treat or voice. Eventually, you’ll want to increase the time required for the fetch command.

Fetch is an excellent training exercise for German shepherds because of their athleticism and deep desire to please their owners. It’s best to start by training your puppy in a small area, and then gradually increase the size and number of objects to be retrieved. This activity is fun for your dog and will keep him occupied for hours.

Muffin tin game

A muffin tin game is a fun activity for dogs. It is simple to set up and is an excellent way to keep your dog mentally stimulated. All you need is a muffin tin, treats, and some time. It is also a great bonding activity.

The muffin tin game is a great enrichment activity for puppies, but it is important to supervise your puppy at all times. During the initial stages of familiarizing your puppy with the game, you should be especially attentive. If you have a resource-guarding dog, you may want to use caution when playing with the muffin tin. The muffin tin game can be an excellent way to help train your German shepherd’s mental and physical skills.

To make this game more challenging, you can cover some of the muffin tin compartments with tennis balls. Then, put a treat in each compartment. You can encourage your dog to displace the tennis ball, as well as sniffing the treats. As the game progresses, you can introduce more compartments.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a favorite game for German shepherds. Simply hide a dog treat or some other reward in a hidden location and ask your dog to find it. Start easy and add more challenges as your dog gets more adept. Make it an enjoyable game for both the owner and the dog.

The video above shows a German shepherd playing hide and seek with its owner. This game brings joy and encourages the dogs’ natural instincts. Hide and seek can also be played without treats. If the dog hears you, he will continue looking for you until he finds you.

Hide and seek is also a great mental exercise for your dog. You can play this game with two people or with just one person. The more challenging versions require your dog to move objects.

Back chaining

Back chaining is a training method that involves making your German shepherd carry a toy while you move backwards. This method builds anticipation in your dog and builds confidence with every small success. You can then practice this technique to teach complex behaviors like retrieve, agility, trick training, and service dog tasks.

The first step is to create a chain that your dog can easily remember. This way, your dog will have a solid understanding of which behaviours are rewarded. Once your dog understands the order of behaviours, you can add a new behaviour. But remember to keep in mind that the dog will lose confidence if you start adding new behaviors too quickly.

Back chaining is a method based on the Premack Principle, also known as Grandma’s Law. The idea is to build a chain of actions that build on each other. If your dog is learning to perform a new behavior, you should start with the last behaviour in the chain and work your way backwards.

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