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What Is The White Flowering Plant Invading My Yard?

If you are searching for a white flowering plant to remove from your lawn, you have come to the right place. You have come across Bindweed, Bellbind, Common chickweed, and Florida snow. Here, we’ll discuss how to get rid of these invasive plants.


Bindweed is a white flowering plant that invades lawns, gardens, and yards. The first step in controlling it is to keep it from regrowing. This can be done with a few measures. Firstly, use a heavy mulch to block sunlight from reaching the plants. This method is effective in controlling bindweed for at least three to five years.

Secondly, improve the soil. You can do this by adding organic matter to the soil and adding nutrients. This helps to balance the pH of the soil, which in turn will prevent the growth of bindweed. Another method involves putting well-aged compost in the soil, which will jump-start the decomposition process and short-circuit the bindweed growth cycle. You can also have a soil analysis done by a soil lab to get an idea of the nutrients and pH levels of your soil. Two great soil labs to use are Crop Services International and Texas Plant and Soil Lab.

This plant has a large root system and grows arrow-shaped leaves. You may have to use several methods to control it. You may have to repeat these procedures several times.

Common chickweed

Common chickweed is an annual weed native to Europe but has spread to many regions of the world. It grows in moist, nutrient-rich soil and spreads by seed. Its flowers are small and star-shaped and are produced in clusters, and it has five petals.

This plant is often considered a nuisance in yards, but can actually be a very beneficial plant to grow in your garden. Its small white flowers have five or 10 petals and a light-green ovary. These flowers occur in clusters and are about a quarter-inch wide. It is difficult to control and can choke out desired vegetation. It also contains many plant viruses and insect pests, making it important to keep it in check.

To control common chickweed in your yard, you can use a broad-leaf herbicide or a pre-emergent herbicide. Both of these chemicals prevent chickweed seeds from germinating, but if you leave the roots in the ground, the plant will come back.

Florida snow

While the white flowering plant may look nice, it can quickly take over your yard. The large flower pusley, also known as Florida snow, can be a real pest in Florida. These plants are known for their white, pinkish, and lilac flowers. Their blooms can quickly cover half the yard and produce seeds that are difficult to get rid of.

The best way to get rid of this plant is to identify it and remove it as soon as you spot it. This non-native plant can be found in many nurseries and garden centers. When it overgrows, it can ruin your yard and the flowers. You may also want to consider using bio-control insects to keep them from spreading.

If you can’t control these flowers showing up in your yard, we recommend reaching out to Rupertan Landscaping services, they will provide feedback and hacks to keep your yard green. Rupertan provides professional landscaping and lawn maintenance at great value.

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